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Top 5 books of 2021

So 2021 is gone. Feels like life is a bit more on track and I read 9 books so here's my top 5


Fluffy romance that was just so fluffy and cute I flew through this book. It had a bit of a weird end but it did enough to make 5th.



Frenemmy relationships that give me life and a great ending to a great trilogy. Limpkin's series has been such a joy.



A wonderful series keeps going strong with cute not pokemon and big feels



Finally getting back to the plot Magical Girl Raising Project 11 had some crazy powers and epic battles that just kept me on the edge of my seat.



Being totally honest this probably shouldn't be number 1. It's writing is a bit clunky and it's very specialised but this is my list. What put Bleach on top? The fact that I just couldn't stop thinking about what it for weeks after reading it. Diving back into the bleach world had be digging up old fanfic's I liked and generally sending my head on a big nostalgia trip so it's on top because none of the other books had that impact on me.


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