Hello, nice to meet you. 


My name is Briony Rose Smith. I am a self-published author based in Chester, UK. I've been writing stories from what seems like forever and finally managed to get something publishable in 2017 with my debut book Moon Girl 1: Moon Rise.


The superhero books is probably a giveaway but I'm a bit of a geek...well I say, geek but otaku is probably a better way to put it. I like superheroes and all but most of my interests revolve around anime and manga. I watch a lot of anime, would read more manga if my bank account allowed it and have, as of late, been reading a lot Japanese light novels.


My day job is a Software Developer, at the head office of a supermarket chain which has been my fiance in publishing so far. Maybe one day I'll make enough to be supported purely by books but until then I enjoy learning and coding every day. 


I frequent a few comic cons through the year and at a Moe Moe Con a good few years ago now I met Mewa Chu who did my original covers and my icon, be sure to check out her website.

My Current covers are by the talented Joyblivion, you can check out her work here.