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Hello, nice to meet you. 


My name is Briony Rose Smith. I am a self-published author based in the UK. I've been writing stories from what seems like forever and finally managed to get something publishable in 2017 with my debut book Moon Girl 1: Moon Rise.


The superhero books is probably a giveaway but I'm a bit of a geek...well I say, geek but otaku is probably a better way to put it. I like superheroes and all but most of my interests revolve around anime and manga. I watch a lot of anime, would read more manga if my bank account allowed it and have been reading a lot Japanese light novels.

More recently I have also started streaming with a Vtuber model (I have become anime). I have be trapped in a strange dimension called the Forbidden Library and cannot leave until I read 10,000 books! Never been better motivation to do something I enjoy. 

I have been streaming games and stories with an aim to read to as many people as possible. Be it a VN, Final Fantasy 14's epic quests or just the odd item description. I want to share stories. Every Sunday I do a Storytime Sunday stream where I read various books from various authors.

Sadly, I still have to work from the alternative dimensions since there is internet connection. My day job is a Software Developer, but one day I dream of being wholly supported by my creative outlets alone. 

Thank you for reading me ramble about myself. Please enjoy whatever content I end up making!

If you want to check out my channel you can use the youtube link in the banner above!



Blonde anime girl in glasses, a large beige jumper, blue leggings, brown boots with a white rose in her hair. Briony Rose Smith's Vtuber model
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