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The enemies to lovers that doesn't let me protecc the golden good boy!!!

Shari Sakurai's Perfect world series continues to keep me hooked with this third instalment. I'm so curious how this world will be able to move forward from ruin and just what's going to become of my golden good boy, Eric!

Why did I start reading it?

The main character, Golden Good Boy Eric deserves all my support.

What is it?

In a post-apocalyptic UK humanity isn't pulling together. There is a complex web of politics technology and power being played between many. Eric Rawlins is a super solider who over the last few books has discovered the truth in the shadows, but just how is he supposed to help people through it. What's the right answer?

What are the characters like?

Did I mention Eric is the best boy. Did I mention that I love him, and I want him to be happy?

...suppose there are other characters too. The BF Adam is always a driving force of the plot and though you want to slap him for some of his decisions it's a pretty decent partial of someone really struggling with depression and mental health problems. People don't always make the best decisions in that state of mind.

What's the bad news?

With a large break between this book and the last it was hard to remember who was who. I kind of hope the next one has a bit of a recap at the start.

And the good news?

Urg, I love this book and the series. I love the technology; I love the back story. The world is ruined but there are pockets with more futuristic technology sheltering what is left of humanity. The UK has become even more fractured with these city bubbles to the point there is a north south war in just London. It's got some sci-fi, some epic fights and elements of political spy game action. Great book and great series so far.

Would you recommend?

If you are looking for some gay, enemies to lovers, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi book then you have stumbled upon a god mine of a series. Highly recommended.

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