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Just Some Besties Breaking the Game - Bofuri Book Review Vol2

Bofuri vol 2 cover
Bofuri vol 2 cover

Bofuri is one of my favourite light novel series for low stakes and high fun. It's as the title says, just a couple of besties being stupidly good gamers in different ways and Vol2 does not disappoint!

Here's the book review:

What is Bofuri vol2 ?

Bofuri, a series written by Yuumikan, Illustrated by Koin, and published by Yen Press is a light-hearted, action-adventure about the adventures of Maple as she plays the VR MMO New World Online. It also has a manga and anime adaptation.

After the events of the last book Maple has become famous for coming third in the last event but now the second on is upon her. Paired with her best friend Sally she'll spend a week in game taking on various challenges.

How's the Plot?

As light-hearted as ever, Bofuri vol2 focuses on the second event which dilated the players perceived time so they are in the game for 7 days. During that time they must explore the event area and collect coins they can use to buy skills at the end.

With Maples dumb luck and Sally's skill the two of them end up in some wild situations and have some action-packed fights.

What About the Characters?

There's no one to not love. Bofuri vol2 is a series with a complete lack of antagonist and the only thing that causes any strife is the game itself. Any rivalry shown is completely friendly and Sally and Maple are a cute pair as they look after each other through their trails.

And the Actual Writing?

If you here for fluffy pros and description Bofuri isn't the book for you and most light novels won't be. Bofuri Vol2 clocks in at 264 pages and not a word is wasted.

The best part about the writing is the narrator’s tone. There are times it comes across just as exacerbated at Maple's and Sally's impossible antics as the developers of the game.

Let's get to the Point of the Book Review, do you Recommend Bofuri vol2?


Bofuri is the perfect series for when you just don't want high stakes dramas, bloody wars, or any other action. Just two girl having fun playing games and it's enough to bring a smile to my face. I hope it does yours.

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