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A Conflict in Time by L.A.Limpkin

Why did I start reading it?

The last book in the Protector of hidden worlds trilogy. Limpkin has kept me hooked in with great twists and turns in the last two books so I had to finish this plot!

However. Spoiler warning. I'll avoid as much as I can but due to this being the final book it's going to be hard to talk about without slight spoilers. You have been warned.

What is it?

We know who Little Will is. We know what he wants. He has a time travel machine and a vendetta. Can Oly stop him before he causes too much damage to the timeline and before everyone he loves is taken away?

What are the characters like?

I've warmed up to a lot of the characters. There was a lot to keep track of in the last book but some of them didn't make it through and it really feels like this book was shaved down to just it's necessary parts.

Anyone particularly cool?

Oly and Strikeson are still my faves. I love their enemies to friends dynamic. There were some wonderful moments where the two realised how close they had gotten at times and they tried to just shake it off but the two are basically family at this point and it's great.

What's the bad news?

I think after the final fight the ending felt a bit...underwhelming? maybe, not sure on what word I would use to describe it. Is it the quick wrap up of the last quest? Is it that one girl who disappeared and was never heard from again? I don't know. I was happy with the ending when I first read it but after thinking about it I'm not so sure.

And the good news?

You last time I said the frenemy relationship between Oly and Strikeson gave me life? In this one they are just friends now but, but dear reader there is a new frenemy relationship that gave me life. It's hard to talk about without major spoilers but a character I didn't like got to appear once more, they had their development and were ready to be a likeable character this time around and it was a great addition.

Limpkin twists were wonderful she makes full use of the multi-world and time travel she's put down and keeps you guessing just how in the world Oly can defeat this villian in the end.

Would you recommend?

Yes! A great end to a great trilogy, that's been a wild journey from forests to deserts to the past and the present. From friends to enemies to shadows to dust creatures. Limpkin's story was wonderfully crafted through these books and well worth a read.

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