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Bleach: Can't fear your own world, Vol 3

Why did I start reading it?

'Cause Bleach

What is it?

Tokinada's plan is coming together. A rag tag band of Shinigami, Arancar, fullbringer and Quincy come together to stop him and his powerful creation

What are the characters like?

All wonderful. The author is great at giving everyone a clear personality even when they have little screen time.

Anyone particularly cool?

I mean, Hisagi gets my respect after all this. Give this man a great main character crown but other than that no one really outshined anyone else. We had some cool bit from Shunsui, Kenpachi, Grimmjow, Ginjo and more but characters was not what this book was about.

What's the bad news?

Writing's a little clunky again. I think that's more down to translation than anything.

And the good news?

Oooooh, I understand much more about the Bleach series than I did before. I am so excited to go into the new anime with this information, it's going to be such a fresh perspective. This book details the origins of the world itself, the formation of what we know as the Soul king and more. It's info that was understandably left out of the main series due to the author not wanting to take time away from Ichigo and loose focus but by god, do things just start making a bit more sense after this book.

Would you recommend?

Heck, yes. For any Bleach fan that just needs some crazy powers and great fights and wonderful lore right to the veins!


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