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Moon Girl covers spread across the page and made slightly pale to look nice in the background

A hero isn't the job she expected.

A New Adult, Urban Fantasy, Superhero series inspired by various superhero Tv shows, the anime Tiger and Bunny and TV show, Once Upon A Time.


Sick of all those action adventure and superpower series where teenagers have to save the day?


Jump into the Moon Girl world where ever since the turn of the millennium, people have been waking up with super powers and now, 15 years later, the era of masked heroes and villains had begun.


Meet Dreda Toth, a 20 something dealing with anxiety and a lack of qualifications while trying to get a job. Follow her in meeting fellow 20 something Tim, a cold nerd who lives in the server room and passes the time while playing games. He drags her into the world of being a hero and the two discover so much more than just a stable income.


Where did these powers come from? Is everything as it seems? Grab your copy of Moon Girl and find out!

Image of Moon Girl, a red haired young woman with blue eyes in a purple suit decorated with a creasent moon

"Moon Girl is a very exciting read! The use of references to media like Alice in Wonderland also give it a familiar feeling, even though we're meeting these characters for the first time!"

                                          Youtube Comment

"I absolutely love this book, I couldn't put it down! As you can tell I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to read more about moon girl and her adventures in the future. :) xxx"

                                          5* Amazon Review

Here's what some fans had to say

"Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a comic book? What it would be like to have superheroes and supervillains rushing round either trying to take over the world or save it? Then this book is for you. A thrilling read from start to finish Moon Girl follows the story of Dreda Toth, an ordinary girl looking for work in a world where super powers have become commonplace, but when a job interview takes a turn for the weird she finds herself thrust into the middle of the world she's tried so hard to avoid. A truly unique tale that explores the other side to being a hero with a fast paced, gripping storyline that had me hooked from the moment I started till the moment I finished. Characters are vibrant and entertaining but remain easy to relate to and real helping build a clear setting that instantly feels familiar and welcoming. A thoroughly recommended read for all comic book and super hero fans."

                                       5* Amazon review

Great story for Great Value!

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Less than 5$ per book for over 900 pages of adventure!

Books 1,2,3 of Moon Girl made small and fanned out with the text, Complete series amove them
Cover of Moon Girl 1: Moon rise depeicting Moon Girl in the roof of a building in a london-like city with a arching logo above

Moon Girl 1:

Moon Rise 

Ever since the turn of the millennium people have been developing powers. 15 years later these people have taken up masks and the age of heroes and villains has begun. Dreda is just trying to get a job and get somewhere with her life. But it doesn't take much to stumble upon a villain's plan. It just took being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or in Dreda's case, hand a job application to the wrong person. In a superhero world that isn't all it seems, Dreda finds her way to a job she never expected. Follow Dreda's path to becoming Moon Girl.

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Moon Girl 2:

Bell Toll

The Weapons of the Round have been defeated and their leader is behind bars. Dreda, Tim and Clair continue to investigate into Project TRICKSTER while rumours of Trick granting bells sweep through the city. Villains are scrambling for the extra power, trying to get their hands on the source. Investigating the bells leads Dreda to revelations that shatter her reality when she learns the exact nature of Tricks and Tricksters.

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Cover of Moon Girl 2: Bell Toll depeicting the hero Fridgid Hack slidng on ice
Cover of Moon Girl 3: Guillotine depeciting the hero Dart Tornado flying across the city

Moon Girl 3:


The burning of a familiar building. The lockdown of Iwon Prison. The thief with the same Trick as Light Tiger. Six months have passed since the city was rampaged by mythical creatures. Dreda is doing her best to learn the skills that should have been her birthright and Tim has been adjusting to his new perspective on life. Meanwhile, the pieces have already started to move against them and danger lurks from the shadows, eyes on those closest to Dreda. She does everything to protect them but sometimes, the hero doesn't always win.

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Moon Girl 4:


The truth is getting harder to hide. The lies are piling up. The heroes have faced creatures that shouldn't exist too many times now. A rift is beginning to form. Those who don't know want answers, those who do know, don't know how much to tell them. Can the rift be bridged before this team of heroes is broken apart?

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Cover of Moon Girl 4: Rift depecting the hero Mist Paragon who looks worrried as she steps out of a hole in broken glass
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