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The Amethyst Panda (Maiyamon Book 2)

Why did I start reading it?

The first one was great, let's go squeals!

What is it?

In a world where people liked pokemon go so much the genetically engineered monsters for reals. Our main character Sam is reeling from the events of the first book and trying to find herself and her path again.

What are the characters like?

A wonderful mix of anime stereotype you would expect to find in a pokemon-esk world and real people.

Anyone particularly cool?

I can't say I'm really attached to anyone. This book can make me feel for these characters and had easily dragged me into their story but I can't say I have a favourite or anything.

What's the bad news?

What IS the bad news? I don't know this book is great, start to finish. More plz.

And the good news?

Descriptions of mental health and coping with grief are so good it hurts. Not many books, especially those as fantasy as this, take the time to really delve into what it means to lose someone close to you and the effects of that trauma. We see it with Sam every step of the way and it was really satisfying to see her start to recover and move on.

Also the GEMs are great and I love them all and I want one.

Would you recommend?

Hell, yes. First and second books have been great so far and I can't wait to find out what is lurking around the corner in the next book!


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