Briony Rose Smith Youtube:
On my Youtube channel, Briony Rose Smith, I have been reading short stories and novel previews with a virtual avatar. Here's the first video so you can get an idea of the format:
If you are interested in your short story or preview being read out please send them to me via email: with the subject: Youtube submission. I will review and get back to you on whether I will select it for the channel. There is currently no price for this service other than your permission for me to record and upload your work. These videos are currently monthly so it may take some time to get to your story but I will try to keep you as updated as I can on the schedule.
Here are some submission rules:
  • preferred genres are Fantasy/sci-fi/urban fantasy

  • Anywhere between 500-2000 words 
  • Nothing super dark
  • No suicide, no rape, no erotica 
  • I need it in a format I can copy and paste from. It's makes putting together the slides for the video a lot easier. 

Book Review Suggestions:
I'm always looking for more books to read. I have a pretty solid to-read list but am open to suggestions. last time I had my reviews open I got some interesting books that aren't something I would usually pick up so I look forward to what maybe sent my way. There is no garantee that I will select you book to read, as the title says I would just like a suggestion, I'd like to know the books exists and may be something I would like. I may pick it up to review, I may not. 
Here's some guidelines of what I would look for:
  • All of the above from the youtube submission guidelines, bar the word count and format

  • Preferably not over 400 pages

  • I am likely to prioritise Indie and Self-published authors, mainly because I am wanting to help give back to the community. 

  • Must have an ebook version. (My preferred format is EPUB but I'll read a PDF)

If I pick up the book, I reserve the right to drop the book if it's just not my cup of tea. I hate having to do it and will get through a good chunk of the book before I get to this point but it has happened in the past that I just haven't been pulled into a book and aren't really enjoying it. I will e-mail you to let you know though so you're not hanging on for a review. 


Please don't email me a review copy right away. If I like the sound of your book I'll get back to you and request one. 



Thanks for submitting!