Review requests are currently closed for novels! Keep an eye on my social media for when they re-open!
-Short stories are still welcome!
-If you have a sequel to a book I have already reviewed you may get in contact with me anyway
My blog has become more and more review focused. It's been fun blathering my opinion on things so I would like to open myself up to requests on what to review. 
Book Review Requests:
With my reading speed, I can usually review about 1 book a month sometimes 2. This means I'm not likely able to review every book I get interest from but I will do my best. I'm also a little fussy on what I read so here's a little checklist of what I look for:


  • Fantasy/sci-fi/urban fantasy. I am willing to try other genres as long as there is a bit of supernatural or magic involved.

  • Less than or around 300 pages (I'm a slow reader. Maybe I'll improve and brave a bigger book one day but for now I'm happy in my comfort zone)

  • Not too dark. I don't mind it being serious but I won't read anything with suicide or rape. I'll deal with it if it's implied, off-sceen, in the past, but not if there is actually a scene or anything. NOPE!

  • No erotica or horror

  • I am likely to prioritise Indie and Self-published authors, mainly because I am wanting to help give back to the community. 

  • I am also likely to priorities English light novels. I know there are a few written by westerners and I want to help support them.

  • Must have an ebook version. (My preferred format is EPUB but I'll read a PDF)

I reserve the right to drop the book if it's just not my cup of tea. I hate having to do it and will get through a good chunk of the book before I get to this point but it has happened in the past that I just haven't been pulled into a book and aren't really enjoying it. I will e-mail you to let you know though so you're not hanging on for a review.



Novella and Short Stories:

I also welcome requests from novellas and short stories that fit the above criteria. I try to read one of them a month and give them a special post for shorter reads. With peoples lives just getting busier novella and short stories are a great way to get a good dose of fiction without having to spend too much time on it and also a good way for people like me who lost confidence in their reading after not reading much when they were young to ease their way back into the book world.




If anything you have written fits into this please feel free to e-mail me using the form below.

In this e-mail:

-Tell me about your book 

-Give me a link to where your book can be brought. (preferably where the ebook can be brought) This is so that I can have a look at the cover, how long it is etc. 


Please don't email me a review copy right away. If I like the sound of your book I'll get back to you and request one. 



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