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Magical Girl Raising Project, Vol 11

Why did I start reading it?

Finally. Back. To. Plot

We're on the 11th book in, spoilers are going to be hard to avoid, read at your own risk.

What is it?

In a series about magical girl death games, this book is not a death game. One of the three sages, Puk Puck, is ready to put into action her plan to save the magical kingdom with her army of brainwashed magical girls. Just how will she be stopped!?

What are the characters like?

Most of them are returning girls. Since this is kind of a two-parter most have come back from the last book.

Anyone particularly cool?

New girl Lethe had such a cool fight but my crown of best girl goes to Pifle. Pifle has caused so much in this series I literally made a meme out of her but in this, she's up again schemers that are stronger and smarter than her and lord is it interesting to see what she does, where she places her bets when backed into a corner.

What's the bad news?

The only bad news I have is that looking towards what books are out in japan we are going back to side stories and it's going to kill me waiting for more plot.

And the good news?

Magical Girl Raising Project's strengths are on show full force in this book. Fun and unique powers used in inventive ways, exciting and deadly battles, schemers and planners all trying to our manoeuvre each other and of course the odd heartbreaking death.

It's a thrilling ride from start to finish that I enjoyed so much I finished in 4 days.

Would you recommend?

If you've come this far in the series all this will make you do is want more!


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