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The Extraordinary, the Ordinary, and SOAP!

Why did I start reading it?

It sounded silly and cute.

What is it?

One dense ass laundrymaid does a circus act of mental gymnastics to pretend this knight totally isn't into her and they are just GOOD FRIENDS. (Kiss already!) Oh, and she can make magic soap bubbles that not only clean clothes but calm monsters!

What are the characters like?

Human. There's this lovely theme that these strong and powerful characters are all just people placed on pedestals. Even a character who came off as completely unlikeable was someone I enjoyed reading about because of it.

Anyone particularly cool?

Our dense main protag, Lucia, of course. She's not a brave warrior, she's not a master mage, she's not anything more than a girl in extortionary circumstance. She's kind to those around her and very empathetic. A tooth-rottingly sweet girl and I love her.

What's the bad news?

The ending...Oh, the ending. If you go onto the amazon page nearly all the reviews will say this book is great up until it's ending and I can't disagree. After being a fluffy story about a magical soap summoner we take a turn and end up encountering a plot about human trafficking and a serial rapist... I don't want to spoil but I feel like people should be warned cause this blindsided me so bad I considered dropping the series even though I had really enjoyed it up until that point.

And the good news?

However! I did read this book in 2 days because work was quiet and I did not want to stop. It is wonderfully fluffy and cute. Lucia has seen hardship but is just happy with her life. She makes everyone around her relax with her friendly personality!

There's also an izkai protagonist. A girl from our world summoned to this one and asked to help save it. It's very fun to have this not as the main character, not as a framing device to explain the world but to have off comments about how weird this world is sometimes and be moody about the lack of modern convenience.

Would you recommend?

Yes, be warned of its horrible cliff hanger ending that is just generally very mean on the reader but there is a lot to love about this book. After looking at some reviews on the second, after wrapping up the hang from this book it goes back to being cute and fluffy again so I'm going to brave the second book of this cause Lucia needs to kiss Celes already!

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