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My Top 5 Books of 2019

I didn't read as many books this year but, to be fair I read a lot of short stories too!

In order to qualify for this list, it has to be a book (not short story) I have reviewed in 2019 not necessarily be published this year just to clarify.

Without further ado, here are my top 5 books of 2019:


5. The Archdemon's dilemma: How to love your elf bride

This was a wonderful, silly rom-com where our main characters had no idea how to communicate. I really enjoyed some of the characters thought there were some very quickly glossed over dark themes.


4. Initiation

I had problems with the main character but the mystery had me hooked and their characters were fleshed out and complex. I'm looking forward to starting the sequel soon!


3. New Era

Golden good boy Eric rises again! I really loved this book. It improved on the first one in the series in every way and I'm eagerly awaiting the next in the series!


2. Magical Girl Raising Project

I didn't want to put two of the same series in here so, I such them together!

Vol6 is the one that deserves this spot the most. It was an insane bloodbath with some of the most intense fights and deaths of the series.

Vol 7 would have been lower in this list if I was going to spit them out. It wasn't as strong but I love what the series is doing and what it is setting up. I loved the characters and appreciated it going back to its rather ruthless roots.


1. Faraway Paladin

I'm not exaggerating when I say faraway paladin is probably the best fantasy book I've ever read. it's a bit slow at the start but it was a wonderful introduction into such a rich world that even a novice reader like me didn't feel intimidated or afraid. I would recommend it to any fantasy fan


I'm really hoping to get some time for sequels this year. Faraway Paladin 2 has been calling my name for a while, I've been killing slimes which was on my last list has sequels I want to check out. I'm worried about balancing that out with trying to support the indie community too but I'll do my best to make time for them too!

What's your favourite book of 2019?

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