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The Archdemon's dilemma: How to love your elf bride

Why did I start reading it? Despite its weird title, a review I read a while ago said this was a silly romance and I wanted some silly romance in my life

What is it? Zagan is a sorcerer who cares for nothing but his research. That is until his friend drags him to an auction where they are selling all sorts, including slaves, and he falls head over heels for a beautiful elf for sale called Nephy. Zagan buys her without a second thought(using all of his savings no less...) but then has no idea what to do after, how to talk to her, how to make her comfortable. The downside of being that evil sorcerer who lives in a tower is he didn't exactly talk to many people now his lack of social skills are leaving him panicked before the woman of his dreams.

What are the characters like? The characters are all pretty loveable in this story. Very extreme but in the silly anime way you come to expect from most light-hearted light novels like this.

Anyone particularly cool? I was pretty interested in Chastille. A young woman who is a powerful knight, she's shown to be quite strong in battle but has the worst luck and keeps getting saved. I want to be annoyed that this badass female character keeps getting saved but it doesn't put her down at all. Even when she is stripped of her special sword and armour she still does her best to protect people and I admire her for her determination. Also, she's not some emotionless badass, she cries and gets flustered, she's just pretty cute.

What's the bad news? Very slow start and this first book is 90% set up which I guess you should expect from the first book in a series but it was more so in this one. I'd also say you have to turn a blind eye to some of the more darker themes of this book. It's one of those fantasies where darker things like murder and slavery are played off as just normal tropes which is sadly one of my biggest problems with the book...

And the good news?​​ I love how the author wrote Nephy! Near enough, all of her emotions were displayed via her ears. It was really fun to have a whole new set of body language using something unique to that character to express themselves.

Would you recommend? If you can gloss over some of the more darker aspects of the plot then you're in for a fun silly Rom-Com between social idiots.

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