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The 2021 Reading List

So I didn't manage to get through as many books as I wanted to last year. 2020 was a crazy time for everyone and as much as here in the UK that crazy seems to be going on and on I thought it would be fun to go through some books I hope to read on here. In no particular order, here is my to-read list:

Currently Reading and am about half way. A second side story book after volume 8's huge cliff hanger D: Endou-sensei whyyyy?

I'd tell you how I'm feeling about it but that blog post probably won't be far behind this one, if not already out.

Sequel to my number 1 book of 2020, I cant wait to get back to this strange and scary pokemon world. The first book was so much fun. A great 'game' system and a large does of reality. I am excited and afraid of what comes next.

You thought there would be nothing but sequels on this list. You were wrong!

Maybe this is my only non sequel of the bunch but it looked super cute and is about a maid that gets pushed into the knights 'cuase her super power of summoning cleaning soap bubbles also happens to calm monsters.

The third and final instalment of the Hidden Worlds Trilogy. I book series I have had a funny relationship with. I've always found them a bit hard to get through, sometimes hard to track all the character but damn does Limpkin reward getting through by slapping you in the face with a great and unexpected plot twist. I am rather scared of what ends this whole mess.

You knew it would be here. You knew. Even if the writing was a little sketch in the last book you can trust me to go back to Bleach anyway because I love this series and will never leave if they bring me more things.

My favourite isekai tropey romance that did really well and destroying a lot of those tropes in the first few books. I'm really curious to get my hands on this one and find out what happens next. The second one had such a sudden end. I just want Aki and Elias to be happy but also Leo and ahh.

That's six already. My best books read score in a year is usually about one a month so that's about half the year already listed here haha!

But that leaves the other half to mystery. Will there be more sequels? Will there be more light novels? There will likely be at least one more Magical Girl raising Project but other than that who knows?

Let me know what your reading list is for the year!

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