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Magical Girl Raising Project vol 10

Why did I start reading it?

Double digits deep in this series and found no reason to stop.

What is it?

This book is a bunch of side stories cantered around 16 girls from the very first book. It seems that this book was mainly put together to celebrate the release of the anime.

What are the characters like?

I mean. It's fun to go back to the OG cast.

What's the bad news?

I mean... book 8 left us at a big cliff hanger and now book 10 is a second book of side stories about girls that are mostly dead. It's kinda annoying. Some of these characters I just don't care about so I'll admit I skimmed bits.

And the good news?

Some of these characters I do care about and love reading about. The romantic fluff between Sister Nana and Weiss Winterprinson, Snow White back in her innocent days making up her own cheesy magical girl poses and lines, Le Puclle struggling with being a teenage boy around all these very pretty and scantily clad women.

The stories I did find entertaining were mainly just fluff pieces and honestly that's nice to read every so often.

Would you recommend?

Honestly, you could skip this volume and miss nothing. There are some funny stories but there's nothing that advances the main plot so, read if you just want some Magical Girls doing dumb things but skip if you are here for main plot.

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