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Magical Girl Raising Project Vol 6

magical Girl raising project vol 6 cover featuring a illustration of the bride themed magical girl Weddin

Major spoilers. It's almost impossible to talk about this without some spoilers. You have been warned.

Why did I start reading it? 6 books deep now...guess I'm just at the point where I love this series.

What is it? The magical girl battle royals continue with Limited. Three groups of magical girls. A newbie group dragged into something they don't understand. An official investigation team there to apprehend an assassin and a team of escaped criminals there to help the assassin. The last book left with everyone still alive and battles about to begin!

What are the characters like? Ahh, such cool characters in this book! As stated in my last review the characters were interesting in this book cause many of them were veterans. They knew what they were doing, how to use their magic to the best effect. It was really fun to read!

Character page from the novel
character page from the novel
character page from the novel

Anyone particularly cool? Many. Archfiend Pam, Kuru-Kuru Hime, Funny Trick, Postarie, 7753, Weddin and Frederica are probably my faves. (So like...half the cast) Most of them because they had really good character moments. 7753, Kuru-Kuru Hime, Weddin and Funny Trick all had great moments of finding their courage that really got me behind their struggle. Pam was insane! I just loved reading about her. She's caring but just naturally violent and can deal with almost literally anything in a fight. How she was just so methodical in her fights. The complicated setups she put together while in the heat of battle (no pun intended). She makes such amazing use of her magic! Frederica was fun to read about too. I don't like her, at all but her thought process is just flippant and strange. It was easy to forget she was a bad guy at times then she did something bad and you're like 'Oh, yeah you were imprisoned for a very, very good reason'.

What's the bad news? All Magical Girl Raising Project books flip perspective a lot. It's just something the author does so you can get to know everyone but this was the only books so far when it got a little annoying at times. In action scenes there were times when we would get cut off and go to another character and the scene would lose momentum. This was mainly prominent at the end. Still enjoyed it but would have liked to stay with a scene all the way through.

And the good news? Ahh, this book was good! It kept me on the edge of my seat during fights! It had more character moments than the last few books. I mean it might be my memory but I felt like more of the characters got some really emotional moments in this one and I felt really connected with their struggle. It was such fun to read. Also, an overarching plot is starting to come together. I'm scared and excited as to what more this series has for me!

Would you recommend? Yes!!

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