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New Era (Perfect World 2)

Why did I start reading it?

I enjoyed the first book. You can find my review here. I didn't enjoy the cliffhanger is left me on so I had to pick up the second book. That being said it will be hard to talk about this one without talking about the cliffhanger of the first book so potential spoilers for the first book, read at your own discretion.

What is it?

In a future world ravaged by global warming cities survive in shielded pockets, building technology and surviving. London is in shambles. Split by the river but the leader of the north is gone and Eric is left picking up the pieces of the broken city and his broken heart.

What are the characters like?

I've gotten a much better feel for the characters in this book than I did the last. In the last book, things were very much limited to Eric and Adam, exploring their relationship but the two spend a lot of this book apart which leaves room for other characters to develop more.

Anyone particularly cool?

Eric is still the best boy. I love him. He doubts, he struggled but that heat of gold of his stays true. He's just...💖so much love.

But as I said before there are other characters who get to shine in this book. Adam himself I came to understand and enjoy more in this book. His dynamic with Eric is fun to read when the two are relaxed. I also enjoyed Matherson in this book though I'm not going to give away why this man and Eric nearly made me cry.

What's the bad news?

I'm struggling to find something I disliked about this book. A lot of the gripes I had about the last book have been addressed.

I suppose the only thing is it felt like it ended before the climax. A decent amount happened in this book. Much of the powers from the last have changed but all the pieces were put in place then suddenly I was at the end.

And the good news?

I feel like New Era improved on Perfect World in almost every way. Eric's moral dilemmas now have very high stakes, the emotions and personal relationships have so much weight. Our villain has gained a powerful ally and the world has opened up. Information about the rest of the country and rest of the world is starting to drip in and it makes me excited to think where this series is going but also scared of what my boy Eric may have to face in the future.

Moral dilemmas are at the centre of this though. Eric really has a struggle on his hands because when good morals are taken up to the scale of ruling a country then the lines do start to blur. It's not easy to keep on that straightened arrow and watching Eric waver but always get back up, always choose the right path, even if he needs a bit of help at times, even if he falls a little at times, is what makes this book to me. Eric is the hero everyone needs.

Would you recommend?

Yup. I love this book's exploration of good and evil and I love the golden good boy Eric so much. I hope he can be happy in books to come.

You can grab New Era and it's first book Perfect World on Amazon:

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