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Top 4 books of 2020

So 2020 has been a crazy year and sadly I didn't get round to reading as many books. Since there is only 8 this year I'll just be doing a top 4.


Not gonna lie, this one is purely on here due to personal bias and how much fun it was to revisit this world. Bleach was(/still kind is in a way) one of my biggest obsessions in my life and seeing The Soul Society from the eyes of someone who actually lives there was fascinating. I'm curious how crazy this series will go. The second book is on my list for next year.



So this one I read as a fan translation online and have brought the book in Japanese. The fate universe's natural conclusion, everyone gets a servant and one if a cute baby boy I want to adopt!



I always go into this series thinking I'm in for some cheesy, tropey romantic adventure but then there are twists, interesting events. I'm looking forward to picking up the third next year!



My number one this year is The Carnelian Fox. It is such a wonderful take on what a pokemon world would look like with a dose of reality. There's been such great through into the battle system and the genius of just using animals we are familiar with with elements attached makes thing so much easier to imagine and explain. I highly recommend this book and have the second one on my list for next year too!


I have a lot on my list for next year just from this list...So fair warning there may be a lot of sequels next year as I do my best to catch up with things. There's even a Magical Girl Raising Project out that I'm late getting round too!

I hope your reading adventures have been at lest one good thing about 2020!

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