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Life Turned Red (Sequel to Initiation)

Why did I start reading it?

The last one had an interesting enough cliff hanger that I wanted to know what happened next.

WARNING: Spoilers for the first book. Due to the nature of the ending, it's nearly impossible to talk about this book without at least hinting at the ending of the last.

What is it?

Olly is picking up the pieces of his life past Little Will and the Llumes are trying to adjust to the new world he found to them. But this new world brings it's own threats to both to him and the human world.

What are the characters like?

This time round I did latch onto some of the characters. Two, in fact.

Our main boy Olly has a hard journey in this book. He has so much to sort out about himself and where he fits in the world after everything that happened. I felt his journey as his dark actions from the last book were shoved in his face in painful ways and how he found his path to trying to be a better person.

Strikeson is the old detective obsessed with the impossible case from the last book. He hates Olly as he's the clear suspect but they have no evidence and it's ruined his life. What makes him likeable is how reasonable he is about everything. Events make him start to realise this is way beyond his control, that there are some threats he may have to rely on Oly for and their budding frienemy relationship was what kept me reading.

What's the bad news?

Until about halfway through the plot didn't feel as tight in this as it did the last book. There were a lot of new characters to keep track of, names that I sometimes had to pause at to remember who that person was. It all came together in the end but for a while, I just kept getting annoyed when the chapter started with an unfamiliar name when I wanted more time with Olly or Strikeson.

And the good news?

So, I'm reading this book right? We've had a climactic ending and we've had a bit of a teaser to what's going to cause trouble next and it kept going and I'm like, okay what now?

Bam! plot-twist!

Both of these books have ended with something that has literally made me make that face at the end. This one, in particular, was that perfect plot twist reaction of 'Oh...oh...OH!' and character actions and past events just fall into place. Hats off to Limpkin for M. Night Shamalaning me every book.

Would you recommend?

If you enjoyed the last one, give this one a go. Limpkin weaves a fascinating multi-world tale them slaps you in the face with A grade plot twists!

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