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Shorter reads: Applied Linguistics

Applied Linguistics

(part of a larger anthology called Tales of Sorcery and Silicone

Author: Terence MacManus

Pages: 22

Average reading time: 1.1hrs

(Average reading time is calculated at 2 mins per page)

Short Summary:

Cassandra broke the rules. She's in trouble with the higher-ups of the academy but it was all for proving a theory she had that could change this world's understanding of magic forever.

The Good:

For a piece that was so short, I was impressed how it managed to draw me into the world. It's not a simple one but the conversation we were following naturally gave me everything I needed to know. Character motivations, backgrounds, even political climates were laid of bare in a fascinating exchange that had me hooked.

The Bad:

I can't really find anything bad to say about the actual story and plot itself but I can say it took me a bit of time to work myself up to reading it. I'm not a fan of anthology's structure. There's a long forward, then more context and explanation before we get to the actual story and I would have preferred just to be thrown into the story then be given the thought process after so I can compare and understand. Having it before just made me feel a bit guilty for skipping over so many pages to get to the story. (Note: Page count on the blog does not could context and forward)

The Conclusion:

A fascinating exchange and introduction to a interesting world. If you looking for a short kick of high fantasy look no further.

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