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Magical Girl Raising Project: The re-cap

We are approaching the release of Magical Girl Raising Project vol 7 so, after thinking back myself and struggling to remember who lived and who died, I thought it would be good to do a bit of a re-cap.

Goes without saying that this post will be full of spoilers! If you want a spoiler free look into ther series you can have a look at my reviews.

But without further ado, let us look at book one:

Magical Girl Raising Project:

In summary: A rogue mascot and recruitment magical girl gone mad force magical girls into a situation that encourages them to kill each other to survive. (there's drama with particular characters but that's it really...)

Key points: - Cranberry Our mad trainer Cranberry is at least mentioned in every book after this. Though she's not around after this book her actions ripple out. (pun not intended) - Ripple Ripple comes back again in a killing game having grown from this tough start as a magical girl - Snow White This is the origin story of Snow white's campaign against evil magical girls. She takes most of the magical items that were used in this book, including the magic bag and magic weapon ruler.


In Summary: Magical girls who have survived Cranberry's tests in the past but had their memories erased, are gathered together into a virtual world and persuaded to complete a game set up in it, without realising that if they died in the game they die in real life. Some of the girls start being killed off mysteriously, which is the girls betraying each other for various reasons, some to do with Cranberry, some not. There is also the issue that the girls were given the win condition of beating the Evil King at the end of the game but little did they know, one of them was given that role and told that their win condition was to be the last one standing. After much death, getting their memories back and a final showdown, the girl assigned the Evil King role kills herself and the game is ended. Meanwhile, Snow White is hunting evil magical girls. We see her take one out in the book and have a confrontation with the mastermind of the game the girls are trapped in, a magical girl called Keek. Keek wished to punish Cranberry's evil children but Snow White reveals that she to was a magical girl who survived a killing game. What became of Keek is unknown.

key points: - Snow White is now a complete badass able to use her mind-reading to figure out weaknesses in combat and exploit them. -Pfle and shadow gale are very important characters introduced in these books.


In summary: There is a magical girl assassin loose in the city and because of this 3 groups form. One group is an investigation team that is sent to find and capture the assassin. One is a group of rebellious criminal magical girls that want to help the assassin and one is a group of newly transformed kids the assassin uses as cover. The city is covered in a barrier that stops any magical girl going through to stop the assassin from escaping, they have 24 hours until the barrier goes down. In that time the three groups clash left and right with some of the coolest battles and gruesome deaths of the series.

Key points: - Frederica was Snow White's mentor after the events of the first book but soon showed her darker ways and was put away by her and ripple. - Frederica made it out with Pukin's sword which can brainwash the people she cuts with it. She has used this on Ripple and ended to the book nursing a near-dead Ripple back to health. - Faries exist in this world (not sure if this will be important but it was a discovery) - through the book, there is clearly something suspicious going on behind the scenes. 7735 is being manipulated by her boss who is sending her messages via her goggles, Frederica, in her time of need, receives a phone call from a mysterious stranger pushing her forward. Turns out this person was Pfle who was pulling a lot of strings in the background to make the situation what it was. Her goal is a bit mysterious right now but she says she wants to reform of some kind. - Along with magical girls, there are also Mages in this world. Mages, like Mana, are humans that can use magic and make magical items.



In Summary:

Stories is vol 4 of the series but isn't really one you need to pick up if you just want the main plot.The book contains side stories centred around the girls from the first couple of death games filling in backstories and pieces of the story that may have been missed. I can't really think of any key points to take away from as since most of the girls featured were doomed to die.


And I think that's it! All you need to know going into Magical Girl Raising Project Vol 7. With the last death game being a set up for a larger story I'm very excited to what this new book will hold!

Let me know if I've missed anything in the comments and bring on October 29th!

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