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Shorter reads: The Awakening

The Awakening

I received a free copy in exchange for a honest review

Author: Jessaca Wills Pages: 34 Average reading time: 1.2hrs (Average reading time is calculated at 2 mins per page. Though this book is double spaced so it is probably less than usual)

Short Summary:

In a world where people have been developing superpowers, hate and discrimination for those with powers is coming to ahead. Mara is lucky enough to have been able to hide her powers and keep going with life but all hell breaks loose and whatever life she may have had is thrown out the window.

The Good:

The first line is defiantly a strong hook. 'Just last week, Louisiana declared it legal to murder someone under the suspicion of being Awakened.' like damn, Okay. Just in that one sentence, we learned so much. The tone of the story, country and political climate. Just the words 'legal to murder' had me tensing up and preparing for something pretty dark and I appreciate the warning.

The Bad:

I found it a little hard to keep up with at times. I feel like, with this being a prequel and not reading the main series the explanations and introductions to this world's magic and characters were skimmed over very fast. This is to be expected with such a short story but with this magic being the core of the story it was a bit jarring.

The Conclusion:

It is quite dark, an attack on a school campus with imagry of students running and screaming ameks me think of all those school shootings we've been hearing about in america so I would at least say triger wanring on that.

But if you're not afraid of darker themes then it's cool peek into a chaotic world. It takes the X-men themes of fearful humans vs people who just happened to have powers an turns it up to 11.


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