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Werewolf Nights

Why did I start reading it? When I hit 1000 followers on twitter I put out offering to read and review a book from my followers and here it is!

What is it? Catherine is a baker with some bad relationships in the past, living in a town famous for its werewolf legends. Hollywood is making a movie out of it and when the lead actress disappears, Catherine throws her hat in the ring but all won't be glamour and glitz when her past catches up, fur, claws and all.

What are the characters like? The characters are okay. I can't say they were the reason for reading the story.

What's the bad news? This isn't the kind of book I'd normally pick up so I think a lot of my problems with it are just because I'm not really the target audience. Keep this in mind for this section. My main issue was that I didn't like the romance. The guy came on really strong at the start, it gave me creepy predatory vibes. He then proceeds to lie his way into Catherine's life and any scene between the two got heated super fast to the point there didn't feel like they had a lot of time to talk like human beings, so I just couldn't feel anything for their relationship. It felt almost purely physical which isn't the kind of relationship I personally enjoy reading.

And the good news? Weirdly for me, I enjoyed the slow start of this book more. There was a lot of care taken into setting up Werevillie and it's history with werewolves. A lot of time taken to set up Catherine as the mysterious town beauty and best of all it was really fun trying to figure out how all these pieces fit together. It slowly set up a nice little mystery that really had me interested in where the story was going, despite not getting along with the characters.

Would you recommend? If you are looking for romance with soap opera twists and a small amount of paranormal, yes.


The type of romance I prefer is when neither party knows what the hell they are doing like in 'The Archdemon's dilemma' You can read my review of that here.

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