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Shorter reads: Strayed


Author: Kristalyn A. Vetovich Pages: 66 Average reading time: 2.2hrs (Average reading time is calculated at 2 mins per page)

Short Summary:

Anaya had done it. She'd finaly lived through enough lives on earth to be able to stay dead and start doing her job in the great plan for all souls. She starts by going to earth and collecting freshly dead souls and is partnered with the lively and powerful soul Jordin but Jordin has some doubts in the great plan and there are bad souls about that are working against them.

The Good:

When I started to read this book I was convinced I was going to need notes on what some of the jargon meant but surprisingly, I had no problems. I'm normally pretty easily intimidated and confused but words I don't recognise or can't pronounce but everything was so well explained and narration was slipped into scenes naturally.

The Bad:

This story moved at break neck speed! (which make is somewhat more impressive that it managed to explain everything when you think about it) I get it's a short, a novella, but it feels like the whole thing could have been better fleshed out into a full novel. I would have loved to have Jordin's doubts appear a bit slower, maybe have more about the history between him and Ananya explored and maybe a bit more about the guardians that Ananya was aiming to be.

The Conclusion:

Strayed paints a unique idea on the afterlife that gets my imagination buzzing! I'd love to read more about this world.

Grab your copy of this Novella here:


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