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Shonen Jump June/July Reading

Another month and more manga!

New Reading:

"In a future lawless Tokyo, retribution is delivered by shinobi!"

Current Chapter Count: 8

Tokyo Shinobi Squad is a fairly new addition to the jump family and one I started because my boyfriend said it was good and I wanted to get into a manga series at the start and be there for the journey as it grows.

Admittedly, I've only read about 2 chapters so far but it's been interesting. Our main boy Jin is a shinobi in a lawless Tokyo being a bit of a vigilant. he saved a Tai boy called En who wants to be a shinobi too and adventures begin.


Currently Reading:

"In a post-apocalyptic world of vampires vs. humans, Yuichiro brings vengeance upon his vampire overlords!"

Current Chapter Count: 80

Damn, there is so much going on in this manga. To begin with, I found it a little hard to get through, there's a lot of politics on the sides of both the vampires and the humans but now it's just the general plot.

As much as I love the art (the girls look so soft in it, I have no idea what makes it that way but soft soft) I almost feel like this would work better as a novel. The plot is just so complex, every character has something going on and it's dropping truth bombs like it's the blitz. I'm both struggling and intrigued by the whole thing.

Also after catching up, I would say if you watched the anime you have to start the manga at the beginning. The anime missed some key moments and completely messed up its portrayal of Guren.


Awaiting Updates (Spoilers beyond this point!):

"The Children of Grace Field must escape a macabre fate before it's too late."

Current Chapter Count: 143

Things are getting tense in this manga. My whole time travel theory may be out the window with Ray being kicked out of the seven walls for not being the protagonist into the same time but regardless, we know the promise Emma planned to make.

For all the children in the farms to go to the human world and make it impossible for anyone to travel between the two worlds.

The interesting part of this to me is 'Children in the farms' what does this mean for the ones who have escaped already? Is she planning to use this to save Phil and the others without even having to go get them? It's going to be interesting to see just how this promise affects the world, will it be an instant effect? Will Norman be trying to carry out his plan when suddenly the demons are in chaos anyway as the majority of their food supply has disappeared?! And what the hell is the price Emma has to pay! Gah, so many questions !

"You thought your neighbours were bad...but at least they're not aliens trying to kill you!"

Current Chapters Released: 181

So due to the Authors illness last month, we got two chapter this month! We got some interesting tactical advice from a top gunner in Border which is great because gunners have been a bit underrepresented in the manga so far. From what we've seen, they have been completely out shinned by tactical shooters like Nasu and Ninomiya. Guns can seem a bit boring in comparison to the flexibility of the shooter arsenal so I'm glad we're getting to see how scary they can be and it's getting me excited about the next rank war.

We also got to see some of Yuma's upgraded arsenal, a projectile that means he can extend scorpion's range. It's going to be interesting to see how he can adapt that into his combat style as I thought it would be more annoying for him than anything as it requires Yuma to be in contact with the surface that the projectile is on. As much as this isn't limited to the floor Yuma relies on his mobility so I wonder how this will affect him and how he will use it in a more chaotic battle.

Also, it's nice to see Midorikawa's squad, the poor boy has seemed a bit lonely until now.

"Rin and his exorcist classmates are caught in a secret war against the forces of darkness."

Current Chapters Released: 113

This months chapter was pretty much all set up. The Illuminati are ready to commence with whatever they were up to but honestly, I'm not 100% on what that is? Is it a case of that missing body will become Satan's body and we'll have to deal with a fully revived Satan?

Things are going to start going to shit in the next chapter me thinks.


All of this lovely Manga was read from the official Shounen Jump app. For those who just want to read the latest chapters you can do that absolutely free. If you're like me and want to binge read entire series you can play as little as £1.99 a month for access to their whole catalogue.

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