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Shorter reads: CinderellA.I


Author: Lyssa Chiavari Pages: 40 Average reading time: 1.3hrs (Average reading time is calculated at 2 mins per page)

Short Summary:

A theme park full of shows performed by almost human automaton isn't all that it seems. The Automaton's AIs are highly advanced and, like there appearance, pretty much human. Cinerella is starting to question her place in life while the ugly stepsister Maddie is slowly coming to terms with the AI faults known as emotions.

The Good: This was a good read. The writing flowed nicely and explored what it meant to be alive. In just a short time I was quickly drawn in by our main character and her struggles.

The Bad: ... I actually can't think anything really bad to say on this so, sod it, I'll say more good. In just 40 pages it had a good beginning, middle and end that left me satisfied and curious how the world its world would deal with the consequences of what happened.

The Conclusion: Classic fairy tales have been used ad twisted in many stories but CinderellA.I has a refreshing idea in an easy to read, short and sweet story.

Grab you free copy here:

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