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Shonen Jump May/June Reading

Manga reading continues!

New Reading:

"Rin and his exorcist classmates are caught in a secret war against the forces of darkness."

Current Chapters Released: 111

After a twitter poll to help me decide, I started to read is Blue Exorcist. It's been on my list for a while. I have watched the anime and know bits and bobs of the manga but I'm really looking forward to getting the full story!

Like when I started World Trigger I decided to go from the first chapter to see what differences there are from the anime and wow! I didn't realise just how little the anime covered of the manga. Chapter 16 and I was already starting the Kyoto arc. It makes me more disappointed in the anime than I already was. If they had just waited a little longer...

At the very least, after a few chapters, I was quick to remember why I loved this series so much. Rin is a really fun character and makes my heart ache. He needs many hugs and the art is wonderful so far.

I look forward to reading more.

"In a post-apocalyptic world of vampires vs. humans, Yuichiro brings vengeance upon his vampire overlords!"

Current Chapter Count: 79

So I may have binged Blue Exorcist and needed to start another series. After yet another twitter poll to help me decide (because decisions are hard) I ended up on Seraph of the End.

Like Blue Exorcist, I very much loved the anime of this manga but honestly don't know much about the manga itself so, just encase anything was missed I started from chapter 1 and I'm glad I did. I can't tell if the anime missed things or if it's just my memory failing me but there have been a few scenes that I don't remember seeing and the story feels little easier to follow.

Either way, Yu, even in the 20 or so chapters I have read, has developed from being kind of an annoying protagonist to a much more lovable character and character art in general in this manga kicks ass, everyone looked beautiful in it!

Awaiting Updates: (Spoilers beyond this point!)

"You thought your neighbours were bad...but at least they're not aliens trying to kill you!"

Current Chapters Released: 179

Miwa: *Angsty boy noises* My sister was killed by a neighbour so I hate all of them. Bitch my baby girl Chika has been running from neighbours before you even knew what they were. No one believed her, and the one person who did disappear so now she was afraid of people believing her and has some serious complexes and needs hugs and I had a point to make here about Miwa being hilariously dramatic compared to the other tragic backstories but Chika!

I'm actually really glad I caught up when I did. The last few matches after the anime ended have been great but these steps taken by Chika in the most recent chapters are really interesting. I never would have guessed her reason for not wanting to shoot wasn't because she just didn't want to feel like she was killing people. I'm very excited to see if she will overcome her block in the next battles because the team could go from just about getting over their reliance on Yuma to damn OP.


Look At the team! Even the anime hinted that Hyuse was going to be their 4th team member and I was dying to know what kind of triggers he would use. It's been so much fun to find out! Though seeing him in action, the amount of escudo he could use and the size of his Vipers, I know his Trion is enhanced by his horns but I never guessed it would reflect that much in the border triggers but I was wrong!

P.S It is a little unfair of me to bully Miwa like that. He's getting better.

"The Children of Grace Field must escape a macabre fate before it's too late."

Current Chapter Count: 138

There's some trippy stuff going on here and I'm also suffering from a bit of whiplash. I ran through the backlog of updates so fast now only a few pages per week its s sudden slowdown.

There's an interesting build right up now. With time and space questionable for Emma and Ray, what they achieve in that crazy space is one of the main focuses right now but I can't help but think what that means when they get out. There is a potential they could end up going back in time somehow or have a crazy long time skip into the future. Or, hell if they're messing with time and space, could the come out in the human side of the world? The possibilities are endless!


All of this wonderful manga has been read through the Shonen Jump app available on Android or IOS. I have not been paid to promote it but for £1.99 a month to be able to support the official release, it's a steal for the sheer amount of manga you can dive into.

You can even read the latest 3 chapters for free so you don't even have to sign up if you are already caught up on a series!

Find the app here:

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