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Shorter reads: Clandestine Volume 1: Loyalty

Clandestine Volume 1: Loyalty

Author: Morgan Lionheart Pages: 79 Average reading time: 2.6hrs (Average reading time is calculated at 2 mins per page)

Short Summary: Kai is a daywalker living the life of a high schooler and a vampire hunter. His world is turned upside down when he is assigned a new partner. His bully and tormentor, the witch Kokona. Can the two get along enough to complete their assignments?

The Good: In this world, supernaturals are just coming out of the shadows. The school Kai attends is designed to bridge the gap between humans and supernaturals which is a fun idea. A nice step away from the usual keep things hidden from muggles theme we see a lot. There's also an interesting consipery starting to build up that's a good lead into the next book.

The Bad: It is set in Japan but that fact feels a little awkward. The book swaps between using western titles(Miss) and Japanese honorifics(-san) which I understand was the author trying to show when the main character was trying to be formal but it felt a little jarring as, if this was Japan they would honorifics most of the time. Just a bit on consistency would be nice.

The Conclusion: An interesting start. It really picks up at the end and has started a mystery interesting enough that I'm probably going to pick up the second book. I'd recomend if you're looking to start a series with some cool supernatual elements.

Get you're copy on kindle:

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I was given this to read for free in exchange for an honest review


Another supernatural high school that you may be interested in is the short read The Protector. Here's my review.

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