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Shorter reads: The Protector vol 1

The Protector volume 1 cover featuring pretty demon boy, Zane

The Protector

Author: Trent Moullae Pages: 72 Average reading time: 2.4hrs (Average reading time is calculated at 2 mins per page)

Short Summary:

Zane is a demon and in a the protector or a young woman called Yulia. She is off to a new school and as her contracted Protector, Zane goes with her. In a school full of supernatral beings who knows what awaits them.

The Good:

The book's got a lot to keep you interested. A fantasy world with both races we are familiar with and twists on the norm and a mysterious past between the main two characters.

The Bad:

The only complaint I have is the best complaint a book can have. It was too short and I need more. It felt like just as things were starting to get interesting it cut off...Vol 2 when?

The Conclusion:

High school supernatural drama with werewolves, demons and more. The Protector is an entertaining short read with promise for it's future.

You can grab the ebook on amazon:

The Protector (Affiliate link)

I recived a free copy of this in exchange for a honest review


Once you're done with the demon boy you can enjoy a Magical Boy short read with Magical Girl Is a Boy!

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