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Shorter Reads: The Magical Girl is a Boy!

Magical Girl is a boy! Cover. Cute blond magical girl

The Magical Girl is a Boy!

Author: Pedoro Pedoro Pages: 89 Average reading time: 2.9hrs (Average reading time is calculated at 2 mins per page)

Short Summary: Ken has been in a coma for a year and when he wakes up there's been a lot of changes. Including his best friends and crush becoming a magical girl even though he is a boy!

The Good: Man, this made my inner fourteen-year-old squeal. It's really, really cheesy and I love it! Ken is an absolute idoit, Ren(the crush and magical girly boy) is an A+ tusndere and all their interactions are damn cute! I couldn't stop reading.

The Bad: I don't like to comment on spelling and things cause it's the biggest issue pointed out in my books so I tend to overlook but Magical Girl is a Boy had some times where it used the wrong word or forgot a letter on the end. It was still a good read but it made me stop at times.

The Conclusion: For fans of magical girl's and anime, Magical Girl is a Boy, is a great read. Even with my slow reading speed, I flew through it. It's a fun and entertaining world, well built considering how small the book is with two vibrant leads.

You can grab this book for free on Amazon: The Magical Girl is a Boy!


A small talk about why I'm looking at shorter reads:

Welcome to the first post I am doing about shorter reads. I have started looking at shorter reads because I read slowly and sometimes that puts me off larger books. It's a lot of time to invest and for a large part of my life, I just didn't read because of it. I have friends who are avid readers, who fly through books in a day and I've honestly been jealous. I've tried to get into books over the years but just not had the confidence that I can see it through to the end.

Over the past year, I've started reading again thanks to Japanese light novels. I've always been interested in anime and manga and the term 'Light novel' made me feel like it was a safe place to start and I'm glad I did. I have found that, despite struggling sometimes, I can read. I'm still put off by books over 300 pages but I've been able to find books that are a good size for me and enjoy these fantasy worlds even if I don't feel like I can keep up with the average reader.

These shorter read posts are intended for either people who just don't have time for full-sized books or, like I used to be, lack confidence in their reading and are maybe looking for a way into the world of books that can look pretty intimidating from the outside.


Another Magical Girl book I've been reading has been Magical Girl Raising Project! Find the review of the first book here.

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