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Little Hero

First time I ever get to write this but I must declare that I received a free copy of this manga from Cross Infinite Wold in exchange for an honest review.

Why am I reading it?

Not just the reason above. Cross Infinite World kindly allowed me to pick and choose what to read of their stuff and Little Hero got my attention pretty quick. The protagonist was so young I wondered what kind of cute adventures it would hold.

What is it?

Our little Hero is a young girl from Japan who got teleported to another world when she read a strange book she found. She appears in the right place at the right time to be designated the Dawn Hero, someone this world has been awaiting the arrival of. She is thrust into a journey with her partner, Servant, to defeat the Witch plaguing the kingdom.

What are the characters like?

Before I start talking about characters I need mention that we are quickly told in this book that characters do not reveal real names to each other. It's not stated why (though that little mystery is one of the reasons I want to keep reading) most characters are referred to by their title or a nickname. There's a good cast in this book. We have four main characters. Hero, our tiny protagonist, Servant, the blue-haired man on the cover tasked with supporting the hero on her journey, Lady Knight, a cute and badass knight captain and Dagger, who I don't want to say much about even though I love him cause shouta.

Anyone in particular?

I love all of them! Hero, Servant, Lady Knight and Dagger. All of them! If I had to pick a favourite I would like to say it's Dagger but Hero came out on top for me. It's probably partly down to her being the most relatable since she'd from our world but her age helped too. I wanted to jump into the book and shield her from some of the things she saw and went through but then later on, when she showed the strength to get past that, I was excited to see how far she could go.

What's the bad news?

I don't really have any. Except for the fact, this is a manga and I really wish I could have seen what colours adorned Lady Knight and what colour eyes Dagger had etc. (admittedly I have now found the author on Twitter and now know these things. If you would like to see here's the profile: @023hato)

Good news?

The Art was really good. It was smooth and bold. The action was clear and easy to follow. Sometimes with manga, I can be a bit dumb and have to go back and slowly look over a scene to get the flow in my head but I never once had to so that with this book. If I ever stopped for a bit or went back in this manga it was normally just to marvel at a particularly nice or cute picture. The story also had me gripped, it took a bit of time to kick in but it was really good at building in a few mysteries that would keep you interested. It defiantly got a bit darker than I expected, especially with such a young protagonist but it handled it well and as stated before it made her character so much more impressive for dealing with it.The designs were really good too. Hero on the cover is half the reason I wanted to pick up this book. I fell in love with lady Knight's outfit as well!

Would you recommend?

Very much so! It was a great read. I wish it had an anime!

Little Hero is available on Amazon. Buy it here.

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