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Light Novels to Read: Rokka

We've all heard the story. The demon king or dark lord rises and a group of warriors are chosen to gather and defeat them. In Rokka that's where we start, 6 brave warriors are chosen to stop the rise of the demon god. They set off on their journey, gather together and find there is one problem. There's 7 of them. One of them is a fake.

If that doesn't make you at least a bit interested I don't know what will. Rokka had a 12 episode anime that aired in summer 2015 and it was great. Normally I don't like binge-watching but I couldn't help myself with this one. It sets itself up as a grand adventure. Introducing its main character in a bad ass away, having a situation where he runs off with a princess. All grand adventure stuff. Then the braves all meet and the tone shifts, everyone suspects and distrusts each other, it was great at leading you to suspect everyone, one by one never really clearing their name. The final reveal is a good surprise and from reviews, I have read the Light Novel is no different.

What is also great about Rokka is if you have watched the anime like me you only have one book worth of content to revisit before you get to new content. Impressively, the first volume had enough content to span an entire 12 episode series, most tend to take at least 2-4 episodes per book. Even though I have watched the anime I'm happy to read through this volume an experience the adventure and mystery again.

Rokka is very, very high on my to-read list.

Although it is, strangely, only available in paperback form. You can find it here:

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