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Pretty men in an RPG horror game

So! I finished reading a manga volume and got so into I ordered the second one basically straight away so I thought I'd tell you guys all about it. It's name is:

The Seven Princes of the Thousand-year Labyrinth ​​

Why did I start reading it? I went to Liverpool with some friends where there is an awesome shop that does manga on 3 for 2. My boyfriend spotted this one for me, he knows I have a weakness for a white haired anime boy and just look at him. This one is particularly fabulous. I tried to walk away from this manga but I couldn't help myself.

What is it? Our anime white haired boy, Ewan, wakes up at what looks like the bottom of a well having no memory as to how he got there. He eventually meets up with a group of men, all famous in some shape or form and all in a similar predicament. They soon realize they are in the thousand year castle in a sick game to find out who among them will be the next emperor.

What are the characters like? Design wise they are fabulous. I love the old style aesthetic the manga has going on, the art is wonderful. As for the characters themselves, they are all well done. This is a review on purely the first volume but with such a small cast there was plenty of time for each of them to get their personalities across. There is maybe one I couldn't tell you something interesting about.

Anyone particularly cool? As stated before this is purely on the first volume so I can't say much about these characters. Though I find every single one of them interesting in some way. Most of them, except the main character, are famous in some way, One is an Activist, one is a martial artist, one is a bandit leader, one is a detective, one is a rich merchant's heir, one is a singer. The singer is also blind which leads to an interesting perspective on some of the events. What is clear quickly is that all of the famous young men are on their guard, projecting an outward persona like they are used to doing with the public. It makes Ewan all the more adorable. He's a country bumpkin from one of the most remote places in the empire. He is trusting and kind, a stark contrast to the others and makes for very interesting dynamics between them.

So what's the bad news? You know what? I don't have anything to say here really. Other than it's a manga and I wish I had colour because if the covers are anything to go by these pretty men are colour coded.

And the good news? This manga really pulled me in with all its mystery. I felt like I did when playing Dangan Ronpa for the first time. I need to know why innocent little Ewan has been thrown into this and I need to know who I can trust because there are people dead and it's likely one of them did it. I want to trust some of them but at the same time, I could see them stabbing others in the back. I cannot wait to see how this story plays out.

Would you recommend? Yes. Most defiantly yes. Wonderful art, An interesting story and if you appreciate it like me, Pretty men.

If you want to read The Seven Princes of the Thousand-year Labyrinth for yourself you can get it here.

**********************************Spoiler PS!********************************* I'm calling it now the guy they found dead at the start is totally not dead and it was a fake body or something. I don't trust people who die suddenly at the start since junko!

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