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I wasn't a fan of Apollo until now.

So, because I don't blog enough and I just finished listening to a book I thought I would share my thoughts and feelings about it. I guess this is a review...

​​ So! The book I finished was 'The Hidden Oracle (The Trials of Apollo #1)' by Rick Riordan and to start I should say I have never read a Percy Jackson. I have never watched any of the movies and didn't even realize this was related until he popped up in the story (despite it saying on the cover picture used on Audible...I'm dumb like that sometimes)

So, with that in mind.

Why did I start reading it? Powerful, mighty god is cast out a turned into a human teenage boy. Honestly, this was enough to sell me on it. I knew, if done right Apollo should be hilarious.

What is it? As pointed out above this is set in the Percy Jackson universe. Apollo has pissed off Zeus and has been cast out of Olympus, immortality and godly powers stripped from him. His human form is a 16-year-old teen with acne called Lester Popodopolis.

What were the characters like? There was a good cast of characters. Not so many that I got confused but enough to keep variety. Since this is set after the Percy Jackson books I did get confused at times because there are a lot of name drops and information as to where the former heroes are. It kinda felt like an avengers solo movie when they try to justify no one else showing up to save the day.

Anyone particularly cool? Harley. He didn't get too much screen time(or book time I guess...) but how was I not going to fall in love a tiny, death trap making demigod who stole the smiley face stickers from the healing cabin to put all over his flamethrower. Niko and Will also stole my heart. I love a relationship with a grumpy dark dude and a bright nice guy. They were adorable, Especially Niko. I have a weakness for dark grumpy boys... And of course Apollo himself. He was very, very well done. He started the book freaking out that he wasn't perfect anymore, calling people selfish for thinking about people other than himself to throwing himself into danger to save others, learning that his children were more than just potential heroes for quests and learning what what it truly felt like to be mortal. The character development is beautiful.

What's the bad news? Okay, so, two things. One I touched on above. There are a lot of name drops, it does expect some knowledge of Percy Jackson to fully understand this story. Which I didn't have, so when this guy shows up at the end it didn't make any sense to me even with a brief explanation in the story. I knew what had happened to the guy but why everyone kept punching him I wasn't sure. It was at least entertaining. Second thing about it is that camp Half-blood feels very...high schooly. It felt a bit stereotypical and really cheesy at times. It's put me off the idea of going to back to read Percy Jackson, to be honest. I'm undecided if I want to pick up the next book.

And the good news? Apollo himself is the good news. It's another reason I don't think I'd go back to read a Percy Jackson because most of what I enjoyed about this book was the stupid things Apollo came out with. His little historical tidbits. Stories about the other gods etc. He's a very fun character and the secondary character they put him with, Meg, doesn't put up with any of his shit which just makes it all the funnier.

Would you recommend?

If you are a fan of Percy Jackson, yes. If you are not I'd still give you a tentative yes. It's still a fun adventure that kept me smiling and giggling.

P.S. fate/extra players keep your eyes peeled!

So. That was a review of a book I read. This review is based off the audio book version. If you would like to find the book yourself follow this link

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