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The sass, the action, the pretty red head!

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Why did I start reading it?

Because Kay MacLeod is easily one of my favourite authors. Everything she’s written has had me hooked with sassy characters, deep feelings and epic fantasy.

What is it?

After a confusing encounter at the end of the first book, The Constellations not only have to look for their last two members but the rest of the urns. More adventure, more drama, more battle.

What are the characters like?

So best girl River appeared. Helping pick up the team in both combat and emotion. Maybe not the sharpest tool in the shed at times but she brought some well needed light heartedness that the team was missing.

What's the bad news?

To anyone else, this probably isn't a complaint but a compliment, but I seriously considered putting this book down at times because the heroes couldn't catch a break and the despair was making me too sad to want to read on. These heroes just don't catch a break and the wins are few and far between.

And the good news?

I'm on this ride and I don't want to get off. I like these characters. I'm terrified for them, and I need to see where this goes and ends.

Kay is just so talented at bringing you in with banter dialogue and making you want to root for characters. She an expert at toying with your emotions and really bringing you into the characters shoes in prose that flows well and is easy to read.

Would you recommend?

- Epic fantasy

- Cool action

- Cool powers

- Characters to fall in love with

There’s nothing that would make me not recommend this and any other of Kay’s books.


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