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Tearmoon Empire

Why did I start reading it?

Liked the look of the art, and heard it was a similar tone to My Next Life as a Villainess, whose anime was just a ray of sunshine in my life so I wanted to check it out.

What is it?

This book asks, what if Marie Antuanette work up one day with memories of her gruesome demise?

Mia, spoiled princess of The Teamoon Empire follows the path of the famous french queen but wakes up with memories of her future and a bloody diary to prove it. What can she do now given a second chance to stop rebellion and save her own neck?

What are the characters like?

I think this is the first time I get to say this but my favourite character is the narrator. I don't want to mention anyone else cause they were all overshadowed by the omnipotent voice of sass and wit that had me laughing out loud as they harshly reminded us that no matter what Mia is doing, no matter how good the consequences she is petty, and selfish and is only doing it to save her own skin.

What's the bad news?

Here's the thing, Tearmoon Empire has a few bugbears that usually annoy me but something about the tone of the overall book makes it a lot easier to deal with.

The first thing that usually a bugbear is communication misunderstandings but because this isn't just to build cheap drama that could be talked out it's actually very funny in this book.

It has situations that are repeated from different perspectives which normally annoys me but given the gap in misunderstandings it's fine in this book and the second recap of the situation is usually either short or different enough to justify it.

And the good news?

It's light-hearted, funny and even though Mia is supposed to be a selfish brat it's kind of fun to have a protag who does all these nice things but is actually not a saint and when she is petty and trying to be mean spirited it makes sense given what she remembered.

Would you recommend?

A light read that will give you a chuckle. Highly recommended!


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