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Switch Reading: Fault: Milestone one

The Nintendo Switch is a wonderful console. You can use it on the go and on the big screen at home. Do you know what this makes it great for? Visual Novels.

Illustrated stories you can now enjoy in the palm of your hand or on your big screen. I've really enjoyed being able to experience VNs this way and would love to talk about one I just finished.

Fault: Milestone one.

What is it?

Fault is a kinetic novel.

A peaceful kingdom is under attack, Princess Selphine is saved by her guard Ritona but the spell they used to get away works a little too well...

The two are teleported far, far away, to a land unknown and start on a journey to get home and save their kingdom.

What are the characters like?

Pretty loveable. They all make a pretty good impression with their art alone and then build as you go.

Anyone particularly cool?

Princes Selphine is a cutie and I love her. She is just bubbly and loveable; as afraid as she clearly is about the knowns for their journey she very good at still taking time to enjoy the new experience.

What's the bad news?

There isn't much in the way of choice in this game. I suppose that may be a difference between a VN and a kinetic novel that I'm not aware of but there is only one choice in the game so there's isn't all that much replay value once you've been through it once.


The art style is very pretty! There's nice attention to detail in pretty much every character that comes on screen, be that a shopkeep for a single scene or a main character. Event images are shown to us in wonderful too. I appreciate that they grew with the story, for example when they had gone for a meal, the table started clear and they added food and drink to the image as they ordered in the story.

Battles are also shown with wonderful dramatic camera work and music. It was a very enjoyable experience.

And the good news?

I really enjoyed the journey Fault has taken me on so far. There were ups and downs that made me laugh and nearly cry. The story did not hold back. If it was going to go dark is went very dark, if it was going to go light it was going to put a smile on your face.

The world-building is interesting too. The game had the challenge of explaining the laws of the world and how they are differently used between where Ritona and Sephine came from and where they ended up. I think they succeeded in that and used it as a tool to be able to tell us about things that it probably wouldn't have been able to without it.

Would you recommend?

Yes! You need to be prepared for a cliff hanger ending that was more dramatic than it made sense but I guess I'll just have to wait until Milestone two for the explanation.

You can find Fault: Milestone one on the switch store, it is also available steam.

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