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Being all powerful, fashionable AF and sexy despite being a bald woman isn't as easy as it seems.

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

A full and lived in world with some wonderous description. Sinclair strikes just the right balance between filling my brain with beautiful images and not making me get lost in paragraphs of fluff.

Why did I start reading it?

I was chatting with the Author on discord, and she managed to sell me her book. She described it as a SupermanXCaptainMarvel fantasy Romance.

What is it?

Skye is Stardropped. The power of Star-fire burns within her, a power that if left uncontrolled could level the kingdom. She's strict with herself and her emotions but then the King himself comes to the mage's tower and whisks her away to be queen. What is he planning and how will she keep her emotions in check while dealing with the trails of her new position, and the very handsome man who put her there.

What are the characters like?

Skye carried the book well, especially at the start when her 'star-fire' seemed more like normal, average emotions she just wasn't used to feeling. I felt a little bad for her at the time, I literally said 'aww sweetie' into the book once because I just wanted her to chill out and open up, which she did eventually.

What's the bad news?

The pacing near the end of the book is a little strange. I think because there is a large amount of plot happening just outside on Skye's world that she can't get directly involved until the last second which makes the last 20% or so a bit slower than you would expect.

And the good news?

Sinclair does a good job of making a world that exists outside of our protagonist. There are little stories happening with side characters that aren't overly important but do wonders to make this world feel lived in.

Also, the fashion! Lord the fashion! Gowns and dresses were described in detail which brought each garment clearly to mind. Sure, there were other things like a plot to keep me interested in this book, but the fashion was not something of which I would tire.

Would you recommend?

Stardropped is for people who want romance with a bit of power fantasy dropped in. Whisked away by a handsome man to become queen, being super powerful and getting all the pretty dresses one could wish for! It's not all sparkly rainbows but it's definitely a type of feminine power fantasy to be indulgently enjoyed!

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