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Project Updates: September 2021

I've not been 100% healthy this month but I've done my best to keep up with things.



This months marketing came in the form of a Patreon offer:

I wanted to do a whole Patreon exclusive version like I had before but I've been straggling a little through the month. I at least didn't want to miss out on the plan I had for marketing so went ahead with the offer anyway. Can always do another one later.

I also started a TictToc.

It was the boyfriend's idea. I have been doing little art vids for Patreon and he said it might be popular of TicToc, so for the sake of trying to reach new audiences I have given it a go. Viewer number have been pretty good through the month so I'm pretty happy with it. Check out the videos here:


This month Patreon got access to a short story called 'Okay, I will' A story about a field nurse struggling through a WW2 battlefield.

Other things had been an art of Lani dressed as Tinkerbelle and some other doodles.

See all this and more by becoming a Patreon:

Moon Girl 5

Stage: First Beta Read

I've procrastinated a bit on this I'll admit. It's a little scary handing it to a different beta reader than usual in the state it's in. I will get it to them this month!

Moon Girl 6

Stage: Second Draft

Moon Girl 6's second draft has begun. It's going very smooth but that because I have already read through the start of this book a few times now so it will go really quick at the start then probably slow down near the end. For now, we'll just enjoy the speeeeeed.

Moon Girl 7

Stage: Planning/First Draft

Yes, I have begun on Moon 7. It's mostly just planning at this point. My wall of events and questions is slowly being added to. I've tried to start the actual writing a couple of times but Moon 6 leaves me in a hard position to go from.


Thanks for reading!

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