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Project Updates: October 2021

I've not been 100% healthy this month but I've done my best to keep up with things.



This month I paid someone on fiver to place my book of various blogs. Honestly a really good gig. Multiple blogs over the month here are just a few:

I have also done a lot of work on Tiktok and other social media. You may have noticed the animated avatar I have been using. It's been very fun, and using it has eased some of the anxiety I had about putting myself out there on social media. Check out the work on TikTok:


This month Patreon got access to a short story called 'Not a hacker' about a old grizzled detective out for revenge from the one who killed his daughter. He enlists the help of the stations so-called psychic consultant and finds more than he was bargaining for.

I've done a couple of drawings for Patreon this month though I've been lacking the inspiration to draw my own characters I drew the Quincy Lilly from Bleach and my FF14 character looking good in her dancer glam.

See all this and more by becoming a Patron:

Moon Girl 5

Stage: First Beta Read

Moon 5 is still stalled slightly. It's with the beta reader now but he hasn't had it long so sadly it's going to be some time before I can work on it again.

Moon Girl 6

Stage: Second Draft

Going smoothly so far. My goal was to be done with this draft next month but I've found a few pacing issues that will slow me down. I'm not too surprised they're there but they are defiantly going to slow me getting to my goal.

Moon Girl 7

Stage: Planning/First Draft

Moon 7 has started it's first draft. This was my main goal for the month I've tried to plan what I can but all there is to do now is dive in and see where it takes me.


Thanks for reading!

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