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Project Updates: May 2022

I've started to get a bit more on track through May. It's been a challenge adjusting my schedule to fit in as much, if not more author work than before but I feel like I've started to find my flow again and progress is chugging along.



Last month...or maybe a few months ago I mentioned entering a writing competition. I got the results back and I didn't win anything. Feedback was good though and it was a really nice boost. Also with the results in it means I can share with you what I wrote. Please look forward to it!

On YouTube:

A short story about an old tree. The Druid was a story that really didn't turn out how I wanted but it became something, for sure.

This month's youtube review was of My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom.


Patreon is still getting chapters of Policework is Hell. A story where a sci-fi policewoman has to look after a small confused child who thinks their a demon. Now he's revealed just how strange he is and Leone is beginning to see just how much of a headache he is gonna be.

Patreons also got access to bloopers from the recording of my YouTube video, early access to the next video.

Moon Girl 5

Status: Draft 4

Draft 4 is over halfway done and I plan on trying to bash out the rest this month, hopefully, start of next. I've put in some deadlines for myself which should hopefully lead to having Moon 5 & 6 out this year like I wanted though I admit I'm going to be cutting it close.

And The Rest

My focus is on, maintaining what I'm putting out, Moon 5, then Moon 6. As such for this update there isn't as much to report. Please check out the youtube videos and Patreon!


Thanks for reading!

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