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Project Updates: May 2021

Progress has been made



This month Patreon got access to a short story called 'Safe Room Sentinel' which is a continuation of a piece I posted on here. That piece was about an TTRPG character I played who was the only one to survive the campaign and lost everything in the process. Safe Room Sentinel was a fun idea to give her a new role in her life.

Moon Girl 5

Stage: First Beta Read

As promised, Moon 5 is is into it's first beta read. My reader says they are a quater of the way through and enjoying it so far. So far, so good.

Moon Girl 6

Stage: Planning/First Draft

I have actually made writing progress. Yay. Not as much as I would have liked but my focus has been on getting Moon 5 into beta read and then Moon 1 polished off. I should be able to shift some more focus to it over the next couple of months to get the first draft done.

Moon Girl 1

Stage: Cover work, Promo planning

Moon Girl 1 has been polished up to a satisfactory standard and so now my effort is in getting some pretty new covers and planning for the new release.

Other works

I know last month I was pretty eager to show you something new but with how this month has gone and knowing about how much I can get done in the week without burning myself out it's likely I won't be able to focus on something extra until after the re-release of Moon 1, which is a shame but I'll get there. Please look forward to it.


Next month's focus is going to be everything else I want to do with Moon 1's re-releases. There's some extra pieces of content and audio stuff I want to do to help promote. I'd say keep an eye out but next month is probably going to be taken up purly by that so you'll have to wait until July.

Thanks for reading!

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