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Project Updates May 2020


Not much has happened with marketing. Just been really focused on writing this month.


Patrons got pretty spoiled this month, let me tell ya. Here's what they got access too:

  • a second post talking about where some of the names from Moon Girl come from

  • A post talking about Trick levels and how they varied and changed through Moon Girl 1

  • A short story about a Triceratops who had a bad run-in with some clouds

New Patrons will get access to 41 exclusive posts!

Moon Girl 5/6

Stage: Planning/First Draft

Overall progress has been wonderful this month. I've just gotten to that point in Moon 5 where things start to snowball and my hands move without me and I'm just on the ride now. Hit my writing target about a week early this month.

Other works

I actually got time to work on something else this month! I'm not sure on the intro to it but I'm sticking to it for a little bit until I can think of something better. I'm slowly getting to a point with the second project that I'm thinking of starting to show people, but until I get to that point I'll just have to keep some of those plans to myself. At the very least having a good week off to write something other that Moon Girl was pretty refreshing.


Hopefully next month I can start moving forward with some other plans I've had. There's are a few I've had to put on hold because of everything going on but there are also a couple I may have just been procrastinating...

Look after yourself and stay safe everyone!

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