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Project Updates: March 2022

March has been a bit of a stressful month in my life. There's a big ol' change coming up and I have just had to take extra care of my mental health during this time. I should be able to put more time in this April but said change kicks in at the end of the month so we'll see.

After a while it should settle again and I'll have even more time to work on books and author stuff than I did before. It's very exciting.

Onto the update!



On YouTube:

This was the longest Video I've done so far and it was a challenge. Lots of words I wasn't sure how to pronounce and I'm not even sure I said the author's name right! She didn't correct me so I'm just going to assume I was right.

But also:

I did my first youtube book review. It's pretty much the same as the blog post just cut down to basic points to make it short and sweet.


Patreon is still getting chapters of Policework is Hell. A story where a sci-fi policewomen has to look after a small confused child who things their a demon.

Patreons also got access to bloopers from the recording of my YouTube video, early access to the next video.

Moon Girl 5

Stage: Fourth Draft

No movement on Moon 5 since I have been focused on Moon 6.

Moon Girl 6

Stage: Fourth Draft

I'll admit this is technically a lie as I finished the third draft at the start of April not March but it was before this update so I'm counting it! Next top will be back to Moon 5 for the text-to-speech draft!

Moon Girl 7

Stage: Planning/First Draft

Moon 7 hasn't seen as much progress for the reason above and because I'm just on a really challenging part. I've re-written it a couple of times now and think I've finally settled on how I want it. Hopefully it still looks good when it's all come together.


Thanks for reading!

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