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Project Updates March 2020


What an absolutely wild month this has been, huh? The world is in the middle of a pandemic, lockdowns, society is grinding to a halt just...Bah! In terms of how this has affected me this month, it's been chaos. If you read my last update post you'll know I was preparing to buy a house which I was great until lockdown hit. At the very least we hadn't actually put money down on a place yet. The downside is that I don't live with my boyfriend and as much as I can see him in facetime the lack of hugs is a bit of a knock to my mental health. I'm counting my blessings as much I can though. My full-time job is very stable and I can easily work at home. I'll get through this time just fine. There are much worse positions to be in and because of that I've put off pushing my book marketing-wise. At the moment you should be supporting authors who do this full time, who are reliant on the income from their books. I'm just fine. If you still want to buy Moon Girl or something from my shop I'll be happy to send it your way but I won't be pushing in social media too much right now.


So. That plan I had to try and get ahead in Patreon content...yeah...didn't really happen. With everything going on I just had to look after myself and my mental health this month. Hopefully, in the next few weeks, I can settle in to this new routine and get some work done. I did manage to get a few bits together before this all hit at least. This month was a good month for posted content at least, Patreons got access to: -A level by level guide on how to build a Moon Girl player character for DnD -A small piece talking about some of the names in Moon Girl and where they came from -Part Two of Leo and Henry's first meeting Get access to all that and more:

Moon Girl 5/6 Stage: Planning/First Draft Because of the reason above I didn't manage to hit my writing target this month. I tried to cram it in at the end but hit a tricky bit plot-wise and my brain just said no. Again, settling into my new routine I should be able to get through it this month. I'll give a go a trying to make up for last month and push a bit past my target

Other works

Second verse same as the first unfortunately.


There are a few plans I had for Moon Girl that I was waiting until I brought a house before putting together and now all of that has been pushed months back. :( Rest assured at least that I'm still writing and plodding along with Dreda's adventures and what I can say is that, over the course of next month, KDP select runs out on most of the series and, to give people something to do over lockdown I'd like to set them to free for about a month or so. Keep an eye on my social media for updates.

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