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Project Updates October 2019

October has been a good month. There has been progress!


Marketing So it was Dreda's Birthday this month so I did a little sale that went somewhat well considering I put it together last min. I cannot get the hang of social media at all! I am just not a social bunny. I've been trying to interact and post stuff about life but, I don't know, it's exhausting and hard and I guess I should maybe do some research ad reevaluate my approach a bit... (sorry about my whiny rant...)

Patreon/Ko-Fi Patreon is going strong. The list of content you can get your hands on when becoming a Patron just keeps getting longer: -A Magic and machines/Moon Girl crossover -An image sneak peek of new characters appearing in Moon 4 -Moon Girl and frigid Hack fact file based on Fire Emblem: Three Houses -Inside info about my new project, title, blurb and more -Writing extra set before Moon Girl 1 featuring Leo, Tim and Henry -The first announcement of the title of Moon 4 and a preview of the first 10 chapter titles -A Halloween special story where the heroes have to catch a villain live n TV! You can read all of that for just 5$ at a minimum. And next month Patron will be getting the epilogue of Moon Girl 4 before anyone else so what are you waiting for?

Moon Girl 4 Stage: Editing Moon Girl 4 has completed it's fourth draft! Woo! I'm really happy with it. I think it's the best it can be and polished nicely. I'm passing it onto my best grammar nazi of a friend to see what he can find, just to make sure it is 100% then, after those corrections it'll be good to go! Soon! I've also spoken to my artist Mewa Cu about the cover, please go support her too.

Moon Girl 5 Stage: Planning/First Draft

I've had some good time off work this month so I've made some good progress and punched through my writing target. I've not done as much as I wanted but I quickly realised if i went at the pace i wanted I would have burned out pretty quickly. Can't forget to look after ones self.

Other works I actually got to work on my other thing! yay! I do need to sit down and figure out the pacing and pin down what the next few scenes are but I'm happy to get back to it. It's fun :)


I'm hoping next month I'll be looking to start giving you some teasers for Moon 4. Look forward to it!

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