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Project Updates December 2019


So, as I wrote in my last update I kinda screwed myself over with Christmas marketing so I just gave up on it this year and decided my new year's resolution would be to plan better next year.

That said I have started with a New year new Book campaign by putting all Moon Girl books on sale on Kindle this week! make you you grab the deal while you can:

All books have been discounted until jan 8th you can grab them here:


As much as I haven't had any growth in my patreon/ko-fi I have had a lot of fun putting together content for it. Becoming a Patreon will now get you access to:

-A Magic and machines/Moon Girl crossover

-An image sneak peek of new characters appearing in Moon 4

-Moon Girl and Frigid Hack fact file based on Fire Emblem: Three Houses format

-Inside info about my new project, title, blurb and more

-Writing extra set before Moon Girl 1 featuring Leo, Tim and Henry

-The first announcement of the title of Moon 4 and a preview of the first 10 chapter titles

-A Halloween special story where the heroes have to catch a villain live on TV!

-A couple of pieces of in-universe media from Moon Girl's world


-Some writing on the hero office secret Santa which is just the sweetest thing I have ever written.

I've got a couple of plans of things I can do with the Patreon this year so look forward to it and become a patron now:

Moon Girl 4: Rift

Stage: Beta reading

So, I'll admit I didn't expect Moon 4 to be in Beta reading this long...The last guy I have to read it is normally pretty quick but it's a busy time of year, it's on me for expecting it so fast I guess. Especially when I don't pay and it's just a favour.

At the very least in the meantime, I have been working on the cover, blurb and chapter headings that I will be sharing in the next few months.

Moon Girl 5

Stage: Planning/First Draft

Writing target achieved and plans ruined by characters as usual. Moon 5 is kinda the big fish, my brain has been cooking for years but stuff happens and characters come up with better ideas off than I do and ahhh! Good writing this month lol

Other works

Not really managed to work on other things this month with Christmas, new year and planning marketing and things for next year. The other thing is plodding along in the background as and when I can.


So! As I said this month I have a promotion going on! If you don't already have them you can grab Moon Girl cheap this week!

I also hope to have some previews and things about Moon 4 coming soon.

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