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Project Updates: June 2022

So... you know that nice new job I had. I don't have it anymore. It's fine, I have savings and there are plenty of other jobs but yeah, bit gutted. Going to make use of the time to see how much Moon Girl/Author work I can get done with this unexpected free time at least.



On YouTube:

I really liked this was. It was fun, both to write and record.

This month's youtube review was of Stardropped: Golden Sun


Patreon got their first look at 'Smile' a short story I did for that writing comp I entered a few months ago. Follow a mechanical songstress as she fights a homicidal virus to get a baby to safety.

Patreons also got access to bloopers from the recording of my YouTube video, early access to the next video.

Moon Girl 5

Status: Draft 4

I will finish draft 4 today! At least that's my goal for today and I should have enough time to hit it. Which means Moon 5 should be in its last beta read this month and almost ready to go. I'll be looking to order the cover very soon and announce the official title. Keep your eyes peeled!

Moon Girl 6

Status: Draft 4

After Moon 5 is with the beta reader I will move on to Moon 6 and how fast that goes depends on how fast I find another job. It's shorter than 5 so theoretically shouldn't take as long.

And The Rest

I'm actually able to see the light at the end of the tunnel with Moon 5+6 so I can start writing 7 in earnest now. I really look forward to sinking my teeth in, it feels like I have only been editing and writing short stories for so long!


Thanks for reading!

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