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Project Updates: June 2021

Half way through the year. It's always a bit scary when you say it like that isn't it? However, when I think past the fear of the ever marching passage of time I realise I'm pretty on track! Here's the progress this month:



This month Patreon got access to a short story called 'No'. The shortest short story I have written in a while which is still 100 words above what I promise. It is about someone who struggles to say no then is transported to a fantasy world and asked to save it!

I have also started doing fast doodles! Little videos of me drawing characters. I'm hoping to try do one weekly as they are pretty fun and easy to do. Who knows, if I can get used to them maybe I can do an inktober this year. As much as you would normally have to pay on the Patreon I let you have a peek at what your missing:

Click here to become a Patreon:

Moon Girl 5

Stage: First Beta Read

Still with my beta reader, they said they are enjoying it so far which is good.

Moon Girl 6

Stage: Planning/First Draft

I've planned up to the end and can say I'm in the last third. Been able to do some good progress on it this month but I haven't been doing writing targets since I moved so I've honestly not kept track of exactly how much I've done. Feels like a good amount at least.

Moon Girl 1

Stage: Cover work, Promo planning

Things are starting to come together for the relaunch of Moon Girl 1. One of the things that came with this is a new set of covers for all 4 books! Here's a blurry preview. Patreon got a better look if you're dying to see.

Other works

This month has almost exclusively been working on things to do with the Moon 1 re-launch. I hoped to have some time to look at something else but the only extra content I managed to come up with were the doodles for Patreon. Hopefully I'll have a bit more time to look at other things when the re-launch is done.


Next month it's still the grind stone of prep up until the new release of Moon 1 and the new covers for all the rest. Hopefully by the end of July you will at least have a date for this if not the actual release will have happened.

Thanks for reading!

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