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Project Updates June 2020


Social media has been wild this month. It's good overall, there has been so much to support the BLM movement but I'll admit it to being a bit intimidated by it all for a while.

Anxiety, however, is no excuse, so I have tried to retweet things that will help the movement, signed petitions and went to my local protest which was surprisingly well social distanced.

I'd also like to take a moment to address my own white privilege on this blog. I will 100% admit that my representation of POC is Moon Girl is terrible. I honestly didn't even think about it when I was originally writing/drawing these characters. I thought a lot about LGBTQ+ but not POC and that is a failing on me that will be in my mind when writing in the future.


Patrons been good. Here's what they got access too:

  • A post talking about Trick levels and how they varied and changed through Moon Girl 2

  • Mist Paragon's Origin story part 1

  • Little pieces of progress on a thing I will talk about more publicly when I have more progress

New Patrons will get access to 41 exclusive posts!

Moon Girl 5/6

Stage: Planning/First Draft

Writing target achieved this month. There have been some really fun stuff to write and some really dramatic stuff. I'm definitely in the last third of Moon 5 now.

Other works

So I have been working on something this month but don't want to say much about it. Patrons are getting lots of updates about it so if you're really curious become a Patron.


After having to put my plans on hold for a few months due to COVID me and the other half started looking for houses again this month. As of now we have put an offer in so progress over July is going to be slow I suspect due to all that going on. I have some things already scheduled for Patreon but I'll admit the blog is probably going to be a little scares.

Thanks for you patience.

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